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collectible of the day: GOOD booklet

GOOD booklet
“This little booklet was created by GOOD, enabled by MINI, and delivered by The New York Times” is written inside the front cover of this small booklet.  MINI partnered with GOOD magazine to produce this 12 page issue with ads by MINI.

Inside are a few short articles on Park(ing) Day, people doing good, national voting percentages, guerrilla gardening, vinyl records, and others.

MINI content includes the two center pages (see below) and two Carfun Footprint ads, inside the rear cover and on the rear cover.

This GOOD booklet was inserted in the Sunday, September 14, 2008 issue of The New York Times.

GOOD booklet (center)

collectible of the day: Carfun Footprint grille badge

Carfun Grille BadgeMINI USA has offered several grille badges over the years, either for sale or for free as a reward for volunteering time or making a donation to charity.  This CERTIFIED CARFUN CONSCIOUS grille badge from 2009 falls into the latter group. It is made from recycled products and features a footprint using the MINI shape along with the slogan: DRIVE LIKE THERE IS A TOMORROW.

One can earn it by making a $30 donation to the Carfun Offset Program through the MINI USA website.