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MINI JCW vs. Citroën DS3 Racing vs. Renaultsport Clio

MINI JCW vs. Citroën DS3 Racing vs. Renaultsport Clio

Nearly a year ago, Auto Express compared the MINI Cooper S vs. Citroën DS3 vs. Alfa Romeo MiTo.  Now they have another three-way comparison, this time with more performance-oriented models: MINI JCW, Citroën DS3 Racing, and the Renaultsport Clio.

Is Citroen about to gate crash the hot supermini market? Until now, two cars have ruled supreme here, but the French company is aiming to get back on track with its new DS3 Racing. And you can’t argue with its credentials.

The newcomer was developed by the team of engineers responsible for powering Sebastien Loeb to a record-breaking seven consecutive World Rally Championship crowns. And it uses the same engine as one of the finest exponents of the hot hatch art: the MINI John Cooper Works. With tuned suspension, in-your-face looks and a limited run of only 200 cars destined for the UK, the DS3 Racing looks set to take the chequered flag in this test. Or does it? Keeping the Citroen honest is another French model with a proven motorsport pedigree.

The Renaultsport Clio 200 is our current class champion, and mixes frantic performance with attractive prices and pin-sharp handling. Add the optional Cup Chassis pack, and it’s sure to give the DS3 something to think about.

So will the MINI John Cooper Works. The go-faster version of the legendary baby Brit is a former Auto Express award winner, and delivers a familiar combination of retro style and cutting-edge technology. Which one will win the hot hatch match-up of the year…?

Find out the results of the comparison at Citroen DS3 Racing vs rivals.

MINI Cooper S vs. Citroën DS3 vs. Alfa Romeo MiTo

MINI Cooper S vs. Citroen DS3 vs. Alfa Romeo MiTo
Yet another comparison of the MINI Cooper S and the Citroen DS3, this time with the Alfa Romeo MiTo thrown in.  Unlike previous comparisons, the MINI doesn’t come out on top in Auto Express‘s tests.

The [Cloverleaf] name features on the latest range-topping MiTo, which is powered by a 170bhp version of the Italian company’s new 1.4-litre MultiAir engine. But the MiTo Cloverleaf has a really tough job on its hands – because it goes head-to-head with the MINI Cooper S. And the Alfa isn’t the only newcomer with the retro-styled, British-built model in its sights.

We have already been impressed by the Citroen DS3 after a 118bhp version ran the lesser MINI Cooper close on its road test debut in Issue 1,103. Here, we test the more powerful DSport model, which promises to be a serious contender for honours. But does that spell bad luck for the four-leaf Alfa Romeo?

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Citroen DS3 vs. MINI Cooper S stunt driving challenge

Much has already been written comparing the new Citroën DS3 to the MINI Cooper S, but Auto Express actually puts both cars through a stunt driving challenge to compare how the two really perform.

Citroen reckons its DS3 has what it takes to go head-to-head with MINI. That means it not only has to look cool but must also be agile enough to put a smile on your face. And so we decided to put the range-topping turbo DS3 D Sport 150THP against a MINI Cooper S round a stunt track at Rockingham Motor Speedway in Northamptonshire.

Read the rest of Citroen DS3 150THP vs MINI Cooper S stunt driving challenge or view the video below:

MINI Cooper vs. Citroën DS3

Citroen DS3
The automotive press has been buzzing about the new Citroën DS3.  So, how does it compare to the MINI Cooper?  Auto Express puts them head-to-head:

Don’t underestimate the new DS3, though – it stands a better chance than most. Its 118bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine is the same as the unit under the bonnet of the MINI Cooper in our twin test. A more powerful turbocharged version, with 148bhp, is also available, but the former looks set to give the MINI a real run for its money, with a price tag of £13,700 and the promise of virtually identical performance.

The MINI has already beaten the Alfa Romeo MiTo and the SEAT Ibiza in Auto Express comparisons. Read how MINI completes the hat-trick at Auto Express: Citroen DS3 vs. MINI Cooper.

Fireball Tim on MINI Cooper Killers

Fireball Tim
Our favorite “Movie Car Design Master” and MINI enthusiast, Fireball Tim, writes in his latest article on CarDomain Blog about two up-coming so-called “MINI killers”:

“Case in point… The Audi A1 and Citroen Ds3. I’ve heard a lot about these lil’ beasts taking away a wee bit of the Mini control. But, I think not. The doods that buy a MINI are into levity. The A1 and Ds3 are anything but funny.”

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