• MINI JCW vs. Citroën DS3 Racing vs. Renaultsport Clio

    Nearly a year ago, Auto Express compared the MINI Cooper S vs. Citroën DS3 vs. Alfa Romeo MiTo.  Now they have another three-way comparison, this time with more performance-oriented models: MINI JCW, Citroën DS3 Racing, and […]

  • MINI Cooper S vs. Citroën DS3 vs. Alfa Romeo MiTo

    Yet another comparison of the MINI Cooper S and the Citroen DS3, this time with the Alfa Romeo MiTo thrown in.  Unlike previous comparisons, the MINI doesn’t come out on top in Auto Express‘s tests. […]

  • Citroen DS3 vs. MINI Cooper S stunt driving challenge

    Much has already been written comparing the new Citroën DS3 to the MINI Cooper S, but Auto Express actually puts both cars through a stunt driving challenge to compare how the two really perform. Citroen […]

  • MINI Cooper vs. Citroën DS3

    The automotive press has been buzzing about the new Citroën DS3.  So, how does it compare to the MINI Cooper?  Auto Express puts them head-to-head: Don’t underestimate the new DS3, though – it stands a […]