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collectible of the day: MINI Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock MINI Clubman

Previously we featured the original MINI Cuckoo Clock.

MINI offers two versions of the current Cuckoo Clock:

  • Above left is the regular Cuckoo Clock.  The housing of the clock is silver with a Chili Red MINI Cooper that motors around the dial.
  • Above right is the Clubman Cuckoo Clock.  The housing of the clock is Hot Chocolate with a Pepper White MINI Clubman that motors around the dial.

From the MINI Shop website:

0.0167 RPM. Cuckoo Clock Wall clock, MINI style. Available in two versions. Original MINI speedometer look. At every full hour, a detailed 1:93 miniature of the MINI moves around the dial, accompanied by original MINI engine and horn sounds. Fuel consumption: 0 litres. Super.

The regular Cuckoo Clock is currently only available from the international MINI Shop website.  The Clubman Cuckoo Clock is available in the US from the MINI MotoringGear collection as well as the international MINI Shop website.

  • Cuckoo Clock – part number 80 26 0 417 545.  €99.00.
  • Clubman Cuckoo Clock – part number 80 26 0 433 184.  €99.00 on sale for €69.00.  $140.95 in the US.

collectible of the day: original MINI Cuckoo Clock

original MINI Cuckoo ClockThe current Clubman Cuckoo Clock on the MINI MotoringGear website is the second version of the second generation cuckoo clock.  Shown above is the original (first generation) MINI Cuckoo Clock.  On the hour the Chili Red MINI would start up, appear from its garage, rev its engine, and sound its horn.  The clock had a light sensor to turn off this feature at night.