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collectibles: Disney Pixar Cars 2 MINI

Disney Pixar Cars 2 MINI: Becky Wheelin
More than a year ago we posted the Disney Pixar Cars 2 MINI Cooper “Ronnie del Cooper” which came in a set of four cars.

Recently, Disney Pixar expanded the Cars 2 die-cast collection with “chase” cars: limited cars inserted randomly for collectors to “chase” after.

One of the current “chase” cars is a MINI Cooper which is numbered 33 and named Becky Wheelin.  The 1:55 scale die-cast car is blue metallic with a black and white checkered roof and side mirror caps.  Again, this car was not a main character, but appeared in the background of a few scenes in Cars 2.

collectible of the day: Disney MINI gauges pin

Disney MINI gauges pin
Previously we featured two limited-edition Disney Earl of Sandwich pins and a Disney Seven Dwarfs MINI pin.

Today we have another collectible Disney pin, the Disney MINI gauges pin.

This pin from 2006 features three MINI gauges in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.  The center gauge is a tachometer with a moving orange needle.  The back is stamped “OFFICIAL PIN TRADING 2006”.

You can still purchase this pin from Disney Pin Traders stores for $9.95.

The Disney catalog number is 400109556000.

collectible of the day: Disney Earl of Sandwich pins

Disney Earl of Sandwich pin (red)Disney Earl of Sandwich pin (blue)
Disney pin collecting and pin trading have become a very popular hobbies.  These two limited-edition pins from circa 2005 come from the Earl of Sandwich restaurant at the Downtown Disney Marketplace, part of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

The blue MINI Cooper pin features the Earl of Sandwich logo along with the Walt Disney World Resort mark and had a limited production of 750.

The red MINI Cooper pin has the Earl of Sandwich name in yellow along the side of the car and “Walt Disney World” on the front license plate.  The red pin had a very limited production of 200.