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MINI Motoring app by MINI Financial Services

MINI Motoring app

MINI Financial Services has released an app called “MINI Motoring”.  It is available for both Android and Apple devices.  From MINI USA News:

The all-new “MINI MOTORING” mobile app provides the ability for users to discover the best roads in more than 50 countries, as well as rank, comment and share those roads via Facebook, email or other GPS devices. MINI Financial Services’ customers enjoying the app also gain exclusive access to “gamified” features, including receiving rewards by completing certain actions in the app or by utilizing various financial account services.

After a simple login, MINI Financial Services customers can start earning points through usage (e.g. posting new roads, commenting on other roads) or by signing up for electronic invoicing or paperless statements. The more points received, the more rewards can be unlocked. Currently, the rewards are quality MINI images which can be used as backgrounds on phones, desktop images or to share with friends. Plans for future rewards include winning promotional items or other MINI-centric prizes.

Visit the Android Market or Apple App Store or get the app at http://j.mp/minimotoring.

Read the entire press release “MINI Motoring” Discovers Fun in Sharing the Road Less Traveled.

collectible of the day: Fussgängerzonen Stars MINI Collection cards

Fussgängerzonen Stars MINI Collection cards

Fussgängerzonen Stars MINI Collection cards (open)

Previously we featured the John Cooper Works card game, a JCW accessories “brochure” in the form of a deck of playing cards.

Today we have another playing card deck “brochure”: the Fussgängerzonen Stars MINI Collection cards from Germany.  The “Super Quartett” card game is also the MINI Collection 2004 catalog.

The 33 card deck (32 playing cards plus one instruction card) came in a clear plastic case.  One the back of each card is the slogan “IT’S NOT A CAR.”.  The front features a different item from the MINI Collection.  The object of the game is to collect sets of four cards A1-A4 through H1-H4.

collectible of the day: Motoring Score Card ad

MINI Score Card adHere is an ad insert from 2004 that embodies all the qualities of the MINI brand: fun, competition, good feelings, and cleverness.  The ad features a small pad of Motoring Score Cards used to play a game over one to five days.  The ad reads:

LET’S SCORE SOME GOOD KARMA. Let’s reward ourselves for avoiding pedestrians. Let’s rack up points on the way to the office, the movies and the dentist. Let’s add it all up to prove we’re the best at doing good. Let’s try not to rub it in. LET’S MOTOR.

Players get points while motoring around and accomplishing tasks such as waving (5 points), getting a trucker to honk (15 points), motoring naked (40 points), and giving someone a jump (100 points).

The ad insert can be found in the following magazine issues:

  • AutoWeek. March 1, 2004. (between pages 16 & 17)
  • Maxim.
  • Outside. Vol. 29, No. 4. April 2004. (between pages 78 & 79)
  • Stuff. Issue 53. April 2004. (between pages 48 & 49)

Download the Motoring Score Card and play this weekend.

MINI Liquid Assets game for iPhone

MINI Financial Services has a free game for the iPhone called MINI Liquid Assets.  It works like a kid’s water jet game.  From the game description:

Shoot the coins into the MINI cars to collect points. The faster you reach your goal, the more bonus time you accumulate for the next level. Yes, there are eight levels in total with all sorts of obstacles eager to throw you off course, including wind turbines, sharks, and aliens. MINI Liquid Assets is a fun and easy-to-play game brought to you by MINI Financial Services.

MINI Liquid Assets MINI Liquid Assets

MINI Liquid Assets is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, and requires the iPhone 2.2 software update.

Download MINI Liquid Assets from Apple iTunes.

MINI Liquid Assets