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MINI apps guide added to reference section

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A new reference page for MINI apps was added to the Library of Motoring today. The MINI apps guide is a comprehensive list of Mini and MINI apps for Android and Apple and a few for BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

MINI’s official MINI Connected app connects your mobile phone to your MINI if it has the MINI Connected option.  In addition, there are several MINI Connected-compatible apps that add more functionality.

Finally, there are many third-party apps which allow you to read Mini- and MINI-related magazines and blogs.

See the MINI apps page at libraryofmotoring.info/reference/apps.

MINI Connected XL Journey Mate app for trip planning

MINI Connected XL Journey Mate

MINI has released an enhancement to its MINI Connected feature with an app called MINI Connected XL Journey Mate.  As with MINI Connected, the app is only available to iPhone users.

From BMW Group PressClub Global:

Munich. The new MINI comfortably accommodates four passengers, however now there is room for a fifth up front – the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate. This clever new app not only helps the driver with navigation but also supplies individually tailored information on the road, adapted to suit the current driving situation, making every MINI trip even safer, more comfortable and more exciting than ever before. The system knows the driver’s preferred route, reminds him when it is time to refuel, messages him about impending appointments or planned telephone calls, reports traffic information in real time, assists in locating parking spaces, and directs the driver on foot to his final destination. The MINI Connected XL Journey Mate is available for the new MINI from April 2014. To use the system, the vehicle must be equipped with the Wired package, which includes the Professional Navigation System.

The diverse functions of this innovative travel companion have been merged into an app, which evaluates data from various sources and uses this to generate a range of useful information for the driver. Full use is made of the unique possibilities afforded by the intelligent networking between driver, vehicle and the environment resulting from incorporating the Apple iPhone in the operating system of the MINI. For MINI Fans who spend a lot of time in their cars, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate quickly becomes a trusted companion, and one that quickly shows its usefulness not only in the vehicle but also on the smartphone.

Apple iPhone users can plan a trip on their mobile phone, taking into account calendar entries and any appointments they have at their destination. As soon as the smartphone is connected to the MINI at the beginning of the journey, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate calculates whether there is enough fuel for the trip and highlights service stations en route, it indicates the expected time of arrival and gives weather information for the final destination. All this and Real Time Traffic Information is displayed on the MINI’s 8.8-inch on-board monitor. The system is navigable via the new MINI Touch Controller and multifunctional steering wheel buttons and is intuitive and simple to use.

In the course of the journey, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate guides the driver when required to a petrol station that can be reached without any major diversion, assists in selecting intermediate stopping points, and suggests possibilities for parking in the vicinity of the destination. In addition, the virtual travel companion can remind the driver of particular activities by emitting audible or visual signals. Upon request, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate can also remind him of calendar entries from his iPhone. Self-composed memos can be stored and then called up at the appropriate moments. The app also includes a useful pedestrian navigation service that runs on the smartphone, designed to show the way from the parking space to the destination and back to the car.

Completed trips can be stored, and then later amended. The MINI Connected XL Journey Mate will reliably update the trip with any new information.

MINI Moments App for MINI United 2012

MINI Moments

Just a day before MINI United begins in France, MINI has released an iPhone app which connects with Facebook.  The purpose is simple, share photos of MINI United:

Share and explore your favorite moments from MINI United 2012 in Le Castellet, France right as they happen.

How it works:

  • Capture your favorite moments at MINI United 2012.
  • Share them in the MINI Moments Facebook or iPhone app.
  • Watch your photo go to the top of the live feed and grow in likes!

If you don’t have the iPhone app, you can still share photos through the Facebook app itself.

Visit the MINI Moments Facebook page.


MINI Connected: Driving Excitement App

MINI Connected: Driving Excitement App

MINI has added the Driving Excitement App to MINI Connected.  Instead of distracting in-car entertainment functions, this app provides driving-related information.  Here’s the description from the press release from BMW Group PressClub Global:

What degree of lateral acceleration are you experiencing mid-way around a quickly-taken corner? How much output is the engine currently producing? The latest version of the MINI Connected app answers these questions and more. The functions Condition Check, Force Meter and Digital Sports Instruments offer Apple iPhone owners unique ways to experience MINI driving fun in even greater depth. For example, the driver can find information on the status of the car and its surroundings, plus acceleration, coolant temperature, engine output, and rpm and/or torque on the on-board monitor’s high-resolution colour display. The new MINI Connected app underlines once again the leading role of the British premium small car manufacturer in the intelligent link-up of the driver, car and outside world.

Like the preceding versions of the MINI Connected app, the latest update is uploaded into the car via the iPhone. The MINI Connected app can be used in all current MINI models equipped with the radio MINI Visual Boost or MINI navigation system and MINI Connected option. The functions are operated using the MINI joystick, steering wheel buttons and on-board monitor, where the displays for each function are presented safely and with customary MINI flair.

Read the press release.

Download the update from the Apple App Store.

classic Mini magazines for the iPad

Mini Magazine September 2011MiniWorld January 2012Two long-running classic Mini magazines from the UK are now available for the Apple iPad and iPhone.  Mini Magazine and MiniWorld can be found in the Apple Newsstand.

The Mini Magazine app is free to download.  Individual digital issues are $4.99 or you can get three subscription lengths: 90 days for $12.99, 180 days for $21.99, or 365 days for $39.99.  Right now the September 2011 issue is free to celebrate the launch.

The MiniWorld Magazine app costs $5.99 and includes one issue of your choice.  Individual issues are $4.99 and there is also a 13 issues subscription for $36.99.

Visit the Apple App Store to download Mini Magazine and MiniWorld.


BSSP: virtual MINI Countryman app

virtual MINI Countryman app

From Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners:

Our new virtual MINI app lets consumers view the new MINI Countryman in any real-world environment they want–the peak of a mountain, the foot of a waterfall, or even their very own garage.  Consumers can select from a variety of different configurations, view the vehicle at various angles, take pictures and upload them to share with friends. To launch the app we ran an ad in Wired with a QR code that sent users to the app store. We’re getting quite a bit of coverage.

See more photos at Try a MINI Countryman on for size.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store.

MINI Liquid Assets game for iPhone

MINI Financial Services has a free game for the iPhone called MINI Liquid Assets.  It works like a kid’s water jet game.  From the game description:

Shoot the coins into the MINI cars to collect points. The faster you reach your goal, the more bonus time you accumulate for the next level. Yes, there are eight levels in total with all sorts of obstacles eager to throw you off course, including wind turbines, sharks, and aliens. MINI Liquid Assets is a fun and easy-to-play game brought to you by MINI Financial Services.

MINI Liquid Assets MINI Liquid Assets

MINI Liquid Assets is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, and requires the iPhone 2.2 software update.

Download MINI Liquid Assets from Apple iTunes.

MINI Liquid Assets

MINI LINK walk-through video by BSSP

MINI LINK screenshot
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners present a walk-through of MINI LINK, a “MINI Map-Based iPhone Community App”.  During the nearly two and a half minute video, the demonstration shows how to configure your MINI avatar by customizing the MINI graphic, how to use map and browse views, change your settings, send a wave, and access rally mode.

MINI LINK can be used by non-MINI owners who will get a “simplified version” of the app.  MINI owners get full use of the app by entering their VIN and signing in.

Using the map view, MINI owners can graphically see other MINIs, hotspots, event locations, and breadcrumbs.  Switch to browse view to see items in lists.

When other MINIs are nearby, you can select and send a wave (see image) or set up an automatic wave for anyone who motors nearby.

Finally, select Rally Mode which sends a alert to all MINIs in a specified radius to follow you.  This feature can be used for rally planners to organize road rallies.

Watch the walk-through video for MINI LINK.