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collectible of the day: Hammer and Coop iron-on ad

Hammer and Coop iron-on ad
Three years ago today, MINI USA launched the Hammer & Coop online episodes as part of a large advertising campaign for the second generation MINI.  Ad agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners also created a series of Hammer & Coop print ads including a movie poster, magazine fashion spread, magazine supplement, fake magazine article, autographed celebrity photo, workout poster, and iron-on patch ad (pictured).

The iron-on patch can be used to create a Hammer & Coop t-shirt.  The ad reads:

It’s not hard when you’ve got a more powerful turbocharged engine under your bonnet, and the heart of a lion in your chest. Sure, they may take the occasional uncalculated risk—but only because they have the brawn to back it up. Just goes to show you there’s nothing you can’t do with a new MINI by your side. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have one on your shirt, too.

The iron-on patch ad can be found in the following magazine issues:

MC². Issue No. 8. May-June 2007. (between pages 18 & 19)
Outside. Vol. 32, No. 5. May 2007. (between pages 32 & 33)
Road & Track. June 2007. (between pages 32 & 33)
Rolling Stone. April 19, 2007. (between pages 26 & 27)

collectible of the day: Evel Knievel iron-on

Evel Knievel iron-on ad

LET’S EMBRACE EVEL. Let’s paint our cars red, white and blue. Let’s put a big number one on the door. Let’s try the impossible. Let’s dust off ourselves and try again. Let’s jump the rules. Let’s jump the status quo. Let’s become real life super heroes. Let’s start with an iron-on. LET’S MOTOR!

The Evel Knievel iron-on ad can be found in the following magazines:

AutoWeek. Vol. 53, No. 25. June 23, 2003. (between pages 8 & 9)
FHM. August 2003. (between pages 48 & 49)
Spin. August 2003. (between pages 80 & 81)