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collectibles: 2013 MINI Clubvan brochure


The new MINI Clubvan, the commercial panel-van version of the MINI Clubman, is getting closer to launch.

Here we have the first brochure for the MINI Clubvan.  The 9″ single-fold brochure contains very basic information on Fuel Economy, Performance, Weight/Capacity, Safety, Specs, and Body Colors.  The MINI Clubvan is offered only as a MINI Cooper Clubvan with the choice of three exterior colors: Pepper White, Ice Blue, and Midnight Black.


What do you get when you cross the unique styling of a MINI with the spaciousness of a work vehicle? It’s a car that turns heads, even while carrying a serious payload. The MINI Clubvan is the fun way to keep you and your business motoring along.

MINI Clubvan Concept to go into production

MINI Clubvan Concept

MINI debuted the MINI Clubvan Concept last month and is showing it at the Geneva Motor Show this week.  In his speech Dr. Ian Robertson announced that the MINI Clubvan would go into production:

The Clubvan builds on the functionality of the original [Morris Mini Van], adding MINI’s premium character and individuality to the mix.  And I’m thrilled to announce, for the first time, the MINI Clubvan will go into series production.  We’ll launch the Clubvan in the second half of this year.

Speech Ian Robertson at the 82nd International Geneva Auto Show (MINI)

MINI Clubvan Concept debut

Austin Mini Van MINI Clubvan Concept

After the unprecedented MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster, MINI has gone back to its roots for its next concept vehicle.  The MINI Clubvan Concept is an update of the Austin Mini Van and Morris Mini Van.  Like those vans, the Clubman’s rear windows are replaced by sheet-metal.

Limiting the car to two seats creates the capacity its owners will need on a day-to-day basis, as well as opening up a whole new world of customization potential. The load compartment of the MINI Clubvan Concept embodies the car’s fresh and rigorous interpretation of the principle used in the classic Mini – of providing the maximum amount of interior space on the smallest possible footprint. The load area reaches from the split rear doors right up to the partition grille behind the two seats. The totally level floor makes full use of the interior’s depth, and that allows the concept car’s load capacity to exceed the maximum achieved by the MINI Clubman.

Six attachment loops recessed into the load compartment floor use elasticized straps to hold items of varying lengths, heights and widths in place – without the risk of them sliding around. The partition grille, which is fixed securely to the car body, ensures that items stowed in the load compartment are kept safely away from the front seats. The lower section of the partition is made from solid aluminum, while the upper section consists of a silver-colored stainless steel honeycomb grating. The side walls and floor of the load compartment are trimmed in high-quality anthracite-colored cloth. The anthracite roof liner, meanwhile, extends along the full length of the interior. This uniform color scheme emphasizes the pure-bred, practicality-oriented character of the MINI Clubvan Concept.

Like the MINI Clubman, the MINI Clubvan Concept is a five-door car with a twist. Two front doors for the driver and front passenger, two side-hinged doors at the rear and the rear-hinged Clubdoor on the right-hand side create comfortable access to the interior. The Clubdoor gives owners the option of loading or unloading smaller items from the side of the car as well as the rear.

The generous levels of space on board the concept car can be exploited in a variety of ways. Commercial users will be particularly pleased to discover the scope for configuring the load compartment to personal requirements. For example, tools and goods can be stored neatly and securely in made-to-measure drawers or shelving units. 12-volt plug sockets in the rear area of the load compartment provide additional practicality.

The MINI Clubvan Concept will be displayed at the Geneva International Auto Show next month.

More information and photos at MINI USA NEWS.

MINI Clubvan Concept (rear)