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three MINI models win residual value awards

MINI Cooper Coupe

Three MINI models have won the “Residual Value Champions” award: the MINI Cooper Coupe, MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4, and the MINI One.  The awards are given to the vehicles expected to retain the highest percentage of initial value after four years.

From BMW Group PressClub Global:

Munich. Driving pleasure, premium quality, efficiency and distinctive design are enduringly sought-after attributes, and they have helped four models in the current BMW Group range to secure a class win in the latest list of the “Residual Value Champions”. Published by the online version of Focus magazine, the rankings for the highest value retention models in the German car market see the MINI One, MINI Cooper Coupé, MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 and BMW X3 xDrive20d each taking the top slot in their segment. In the eyes of market observers, value depreciation for these models is expected to be particularly low, making them the best investment compared to their class rivals.

The rankings for the “Residual Value Champions” are based on predictions generated by the Saarbrücken market research institute Bähr & Fess Forecasts on the value curve of new models in 14 vehicle classes. To this end, the car market experts estimated the resale value after four years of a vehicle registered in 2012. The assessment proved particularly favourable in the case of the MINI Cooper Coupé. Freshly launched onto the market, this two-seater claimed a clear lead ahead of its class competitors not only in the percentage calculation but also in terms of absolute figures.

In assessing the potential value depreciation of a vehicle, the market observers take a wide range of data into account, including the purchase price, vehicle properties, brand image, and results in comparative tests and customer surveys. Beyond this, superseding facts such as the quality of competitors in the segment and general market developments are included in the evaluation.

Most recently, a car’s efficiency has also had a significant bearing on value retention. With their outstandingly low fuel consumption and emissions figures, BMW and MINI premium models are consistently building up credit that also has a positive impact in the resale value rankings.

The assessment of value retention is an important criterion for potential customers when it comes to choosing a car. After all, depreciation is a crucial cost factor the extent of which often only becomes clear when a vehicle is sold on. Models that are in demand in the used car market as well therefore have a better chance of making it into the ranks of the residual value leaders. The MINI Cooper Coupé is a good example, its resale value after four years being estimated at 57.5 per cent. The BMW X3 xDrive20d (57 per cent) likewise represents the best investment in its class. Matching it in value retention is the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4, which repeats its success of last year. In the small car category, the MINI One boasts the most stable value in the German market at 56.5 per cent. Beyond this, BMW and MINI models from the current range have made it into the top three in four more vehicle segments. The MINI Cooper Roadster, for example, is runner-up in its class with a particularly high residual value of 59.5 per cent.

See the press release Outstanding value retention: three MINIs and a BMW are among the latest “Residual Value Champions”.

collectible of the day: MINI Media Information Geneva 2007

MINI Media Information Geneva 2007MINI Media Information
MINI at the 77th International Motor Show Geneva 2007.

The International Motor Show Geneva 2007 took place from March 8-18, 2007.  The second-Generation (R56) MINI One and MINI Cooper D debuted at this show.  Also, the new John Cooper Works Tuning Kit for the second-generation (R56) MINI Cooper S appeared.  As usual for MINI for major automobile shows, the company created this hardcover multimedia information guide for the press.

Lift the magnetically-held front cover to reveal a CD attached to the inside.  On the right side, a pocket holds a stapled press bulletin and two booklets: “Text” and “Photos” both dated 3/2007.  The two-page, stapled Press bulletin is dated March 2007 and titled “Get the racing feeling: the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit for the new MINI Cooper S.”.

The booklet titled “Text” contains 16 pages of information in two sections:

  • MINI at the 77th International Motor Show Geneva 2007. (Short Version)
  • More Fun on Less Fuel: The new MINI One. The new MINI Cooper D.

The booklet titled “Photos” contains 19 pages, nine of which have glossy color photos of a Pepper White and Black MINI Cooper D and a Pure Silver MINI One.  Other pages have information about the included CD (mentioned above) in both German and English.

The CD contains the full content of the Press bulletin as well as MINI product photos and runs in a web browser.

Download the MINI Media Information Geneva 2007 in Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, or Español.

MINI Media Information Geneva 2007 (open)

collectible of the day: MINI Press Information (2001)

MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001)Today we have one of the most collectible items in the Library of Motoring collection.  Shown is one of the earliest MINI press kits in English.  The MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001) is a glossy folder containing MINI information, a book, color photographs, and a CD.

Open the press kit folder left and right (see photo below left) to reveal two pockets.  The left side holds the stapled, 30 page press information packet.  The cover date is July 2001.  The text content includes: MINI; Exterior; Interior; Safety; Drivetrain; Suspension and Steering; Electrics and Electronics; Sales, Package and Pricing; Options; Manufacturing; The MINI Brand; Data Sheets; External and Internal Dimensions; and Performance and Torque Diagrams.

The right side holds 16 photographs: six of an Indi Blue MINI One, nine of a Chili Red and White MINI Cooper, and one of a Pure Silver MINI Cooper with accessories.  All of the photos are dated 06/01.

Lift up the middle flap with the MINI logo (see photo below right) to reveal a CD attached to the inside of the flap and a hardcover book set into the middle of the folder.

The CD contains a 43 page PDF file of the information in the paper press packet and lots of color images.

Finally, the press kit includes a limited edition (2,500 copies) commemorative book titled MINI Cooper: The Modern Interpretation of an Immortal Legend.  The small book measures only about 5.5″ wide by 5″ high, but contains 80 full-color, glossy pages.  Attached inside the book’s back cover is yet another CD, this one holds 16 press photos of an Indi Blue and White MINI Cooper and one image of the MINI logo, all in both high resolution and low resolution.

Download the MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001) file from the CD on the flap.

MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001) (open 1)

MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001) (open 2)

collectible of the day: MINI ONE. MINI COOPER. brochure (2001)

MINI One. MINI Cooper. (2001)Today we feature what might be the most collectible MINI brochure of all time.  One of the earliest brochures from the UK is this MINI ONE. MINI COOPER. brochure from 2001.

The glossy spiral-bound brochure has a clear plastic front cover and a thicker translucent back cover.  The seven sections of the booklet are a different shape and size and were created by a different prominent designer:


The MINI ONE. MINI COOPER. brochure features a Silk Green MINI One and a Chili Red MINI Cooper in its storyline (see pages 14-15 below, left).  The photos were taken in New South Wales, Australia.

Colors shown are Chili Red, Black, Liquid Yellow, British Racing Green, Cosmos Black, Indi Blue, Pure Silver, and Silk Green.  Inside this section is a detachable plastic “Matchcard” (see below, right) which you can place over the color blocks to “see what your car could look like!”.

The EQUIPMENT section includes the usual Exterior Features, Interior Features, Option Packages, and Safety.

MINI ONE. MINI COOPER. brochure (2001) (page 14)MINI ONE. MINI COOPER. brochure (2001) (page 15)

MINI ONE. MINI COOPER. brochure (2001) (Matchcard)

The MINI catalog number is 1 11 50 02 21 1 2001 GM. Printed in Germany 2001.


In an effort to increase the fuel efficiency and reduce the emissions across the range, MINI is introducing a new MINI One MINIMALISM line in Europe. There will be a MINI One MINIMALISM Line Hardtop and MINI One MINIMALISM Line Convertible. These de-tuned MINIs will have either 74 hp (75 PS) at 5000 rpm or 97 hp (98 PS) at 4750 rpm. Torque figures are, respectively, 106 ft-lb (144 Nm) at 2250 rpm and 113 ft-lb (153 Nm) at 3000 rpm.

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