• The new-look MINI Rocketman Concept

    Last year MINI showed off the MINI Rocketman Concept (shown below) made from carbon fiber plastic and having dimensions closer to the classic Mini.  Later MINI indicated that it wasn’t going to put the Rocketman […]

  • Auto Express: Mini MINI revealed

    Auto Express was given exclusive access to the MINI Rocketman Concept and published their review with video. Boasting seats for four in a package not much bigger than the original Sixties model, it’s the mini […]

  • The MINI Rocketman Concept debuts

    The MINI Rocketman Concept will make its public debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March 3rd, but MINI released information and photos today.  Slightly longer than the classic Mini at 11′ 3″, The Rocketman […]