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collectible of the day: MOTOR-TOBER posters



Today we have the final items in our October MOTOR-TOBER series.

From 2009 come these two clever MOTOR-TOBER posters sent to MINI dealerships to promote the month-long MOTOR-TOBER event.

Above left is the “BOO.” poster with a MINI Cooper dressed in a sheet as a ghost.  The poster above right shows a MINI Cooper carved out like a pumpkin with the phrase “SAVE A PUMPKIN. CARVE THE ROAD.” below.

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collectible of the day: Hammer and Coop poster ad

Hammer and Coop poster ad
In early 2007, MINI USA launched the Hammer & Coop advertising campaign developed by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.  The campaign centered on Web episodes of a series starring Jim Turtledove as “Hammer” and a MINI Cooper S as “Coop”.  Pictured is the poster ad for the series.

The Hammer & Cooper poster ad can be found in these magazine issues:

  • Anthem. No. 27. March/April 2007 (page 9)
  • ESPN The Magazine. February 26, 2007. (back cover)
  • MC². Issue No. 7. March-April 2007. (page 8)
  • Men’s Fitness. April 2007. (back cover)
  • Men’s Health. March 2007. (inside back cover)
  • Men’s Journal. May 2007. (page 223)

The Hammer & Coop website address shown on the poster (HAMMERANDCOOP.COM) now goes to the MINIUSA.com website.

collectible of the day: LET’S MOTOR poster set

LET'S MOTOR poster (bee)

LET'S MOTOR poster (conga)

Back in 2003, MINI USA offered this set of four posters with a minimalistic, whimsical design.  The set measured 36″ wide by 24″ high and consisted of:

  • Bee / Liquid Yellow and Black MINI Cooper S
  • Conga Drum / Liquid Yellow and White MINI Cooper S
  • Boxing Glove / Chili Red and White MINI Cooper
  • Match Stick / Chili Red and White MINI Cooper

MINI USA catalog number: 99 00 0 003 472.  Original price was $16.95 for the set of four posters.