• Car Talk MINI test drives

    Listeners of National Public Radio (NPR) on weekends are familiar with the program “Car Talk” featuring “Click and Clack”, or Tom and Ray Magliozzi.  On the program the brothers review cars and attempt to solve […]

  • MINI Cooper S vs. Citroën DS3 vs. Alfa Romeo MiTo

    Yet another comparison of the MINI Cooper S and the Citroen DS3, this time with the Alfa Romeo MiTo thrown in.  Unlike previous comparisons, the MINI doesn’t come out on top in Auto Express‘s tests. […]

  • The New York Times on the MINI E

    The New York Times weighs in on the MINI E on its new cars blog.  The author of the article worries heavily about the 100 mile range and the possibility of getting stranded. But stray […]

  • Citroen DS3 vs. MINI Cooper S stunt driving challenge

    Much has already been written comparing the new Citroën DS3 to the MINI Cooper S, but Auto Express actually puts both cars through a stunt driving challenge to compare how the two really perform. Citroen […]