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MINI News now on Instagram

MINI News on InstagramIn conjunction with the premiere of the new MINI Countryman, MINI is launching an additional channel on the social media platform Instagram. At www.instagram.com/mini.news brand enthusiasts can find out about everything that is happening at MINI. Another new feature at MINI: introducing new digital product information, which no longer separates text, photos and videos, but combines them to form a harmonious whole.

Munich. The MINI brand is expanding both its model range as well as the range of channels on which the British premium car manufacturer communicates with the public. Parallel to the publication of the first specifications and facts, images and videos on the new MINI Countryman, a new Instagram channel is also being launched. At www.instagram.com/mini.news MINI global media communication will be posting the latest news. The open account on the social media platform will feature amazing pictures, exciting videos and information about models, events, design, lifestyle, art, sports and a great deal more. Subscribers to the new Instagram channel will be able to experience MINI from different perspectives, close-up and highly up-to-date.

The lively communication style on Instagram is a result of the fast dissemination of things worth seeing and the immediate response by the public. The social media platform founded in 2010 has more than 500 million users.

At the same time MINI is continuing to digitalise the brand by employing a new form of product press communication on its traditional channel, the BMW Group PressClubhttps://www.press.bmwgroup.com. Text, photos and videos used to be presented separately. Now they are coming together. Spoken text and visual presentations are blended to form a whole which makes it considerably easier for the user to understand and picture what is being explained. For example if the topic of design is being discussed, exactly the right pictures appear in context. If the light technology or innovative controls of a new model are being described in text form, an explanatory photo or video helps visualise the topic.

“A brand like MINI, which establishes trends and innovative strategies like no other, keeps setting standards time and again. By communicating digitally we are supporting the work of the media and are offering additional contents for online journalists oriented towards fast reporting,” says Alexander Bilgeri, responsible for overall product, technology and sports communication within BMW Group Corporate Communications.

If you want to follow MINI in the social media and want to keep posted on everything happening at MINI, go to:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mini YouTube: www.youtube.com/mini Twitter: www.twitter.com/mini Instagram: www.instagram.com/mini and www.instagram.com/mini.news

MINI USA Owners’ Network ending “for now”

MINI USA Owners' Network ending

MINI USA posted the following note announcing the end of the MINI USA Owners’ Network as we have known it:


The Owners’ Network had a fantastic run, but is long overdue for a serious tune-up. So, on January 1st, the sun is setting on the Owners’ Network. However, the passion for motoring you all helped inspire is already thriving in other MINI communities. So if you’re not already a part of them, bring your enthusiasm for motoring and all things MINI to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. There’s a lot going on there and we want you to be a part of it.

As far as the Owners’ Network goes, don’t fret: we’ve got something new coming in 2014. But until then, be sure to download and cherish any memories you’ve made on the Owners’ Network. Then, head on over to the communities below to rally the motoring troops, make new memories, and share your expertise as some of the most grizzled and veteran Motorers out there.

Visit the MINI USA Owners’ Network and save any information you’d like to keep.

MINI Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities

FacebookIf you are a Facebook user and are an owner or fan of the MINI Countryman, MINI Coupe, or John Cooper Works models, there is an unofficial Facebook Group for you.  You may need to join the group in order to post, but all are public groups to read the discussions:

Google+If you use Google+ you are probably already aware of the new Communities function.  A few MINI enthusiasts were quick to utilize this new functionality to create social groups.  Already these Communities have formed:

We have a full list of official and unofficial MINI sites on all the major social networks.

#MINIMonday is gaining momentum

Instagram #minimonday Twitter #minimonday

Both Instagram and Twitter celebrate “MINI Monday” using the hashtag #minimonday (or #MINIMonday since hashtags are not case-sensitive).  MINI has joined the movement and it is gaining momentum.  If you use either of these social media sites, post your Mini and MINI photos!

  • MINI Monday posts on Twitter can be seen at Twitter #minimonday.
  • Instagram is a mobile app only, but the photos can be viewed at Statigram.

MINI Takes the States 2012 begins

MINI Takes the States 2012

MINI Takes the States 2012 has begun!  After a pre-party at Prestige MINI last night, the official event began this morning at MINI USA headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.  From the press release:

The MINI TAKES THE STATES organisers are expecting several thousand registered participants. Some will be driving individual stages only in their MINI, others undertaking the full 3,903-mile (6,281-kilometre) distance. In store for them is not only an automotive adventure over an extremely attractive route, but also an extraordinary shared experience both on the road and when the day’s driving is done. After New York and Washington, the convoy will pass through Charlotte and Nashville, Chicago, Des Moines, Boulder, Albuquerque and Phoenix, among other places, before crossing California on their way to Los Angeles, the Pacific coast and, most importantly, the venue for the end-of-rally party. A richly varied programme looking at every aspect of MINI will be spread over the stop-off points along the route. Activities include sporting competitions and slalom tests held on closed roads, free from the shackles of the otherwise strictly observed speed limits.

MINI TAKES THE STATES has been held every other year since 2006. As in all previous editions of the rally, a portion of the proceeds from each 30 US dollars participant registration fee will be donated to charity. To this end, a minimum of 10,000 US dollars will be presented to an organisation supported by MINI USA – regardless of the number of participants in the rally.

If you can’t attend the event, the next best thing is to follow along online.  Several social media sites will help:

Facebook | MINI TAKES THE STATES 2012 – Official MTTS 2012 Facebook event page.

Google+ – Hashtag for all MTTS 2012 posts.

Twitter #MTTS2012 – Hashtag for all MTTS 2012 tweets.

And follow the Library of Motoring as we will be attending some events and reporting on others.


every Monday is #MINIMonday

Instagram #minimonday Twitter #minimonday

Weekly themed social media hashtags have really taken off and MINI is no exception.  Both Instagram and Twitter celebrate “MINI Monday” using the hashtag #minimonday (or #MINIMonday since hashtags are not case-sensitive).  On Google+ this hashtag is being used for non-MINI purposes at the moment.

  • MINI Monday posts on Twitter can be seen at Twitter #minimonday.
  • Instagram is a mobile app only, but the photos can be viewed at Statigram.

MINI social networking sites (updated)

Facebook logoMINI has always stood for fun, community, and technology, so it’s not surprising that MINI embraced the Internet and social networking. Not just for marketing, but to connect a community of MINI owners. From the start, MINI USA created an Owners’ Lounge on its website to give owners a place to discuss and show off their MINIs. They have created official blogs and event websites. MINI has also taken advantage of popular social networking sites to reach out to MINI owners, potential owners, and fans.

official websites

MINI Owners’ Lounge – Official MINI USA website. Must own a MINI and set up an account (by VIN).

MINI Space – Site with creative projects, competitions, events, thoughts, and ideas, by MINI.

social networking sites

Facebook | MINI – Official MINI Facebook page.

Facebook | MINI Canada – Official Facebook page for MINI Canada.

Facebook | MINI Countryman – Official Facebook fan page for the launch of the MINI Countryman.

Facebook | MINI Motorsport – Meet fans and motorsport enthusiasts, get the latest news, and share your best pics.

Facebook | MINI Space – Official Facebook page for the MINI Space website.

Facebook | MINI TROPHY – Official Facebook page for the German MINI racing series.

Facebook | MINI United – Official Facebook page for MINI United.

Facebook | MINI UK – Official Facebook page for MINI USA.

Facebook | MINI USA – Official Facebook page for MINI USA.

Instagram – MINI – Official Instagram user profile for MINI.

Instagram – MINI Space – Official Instagram user profile for MINI Space.

MySpace – Hammer & Coop – MySpace site for the Hammer & Coop online episodes.

Pinterest – MINI – Official Pinterest page for MINI.

Pinterest – MINI Motorsport – Official Pinterest page for MINI Motorsport.

Twitter @MINI – Official MINI Twitter page.

Twitter @MINI Space – Official Twitter page for the “Creative use of Space. An urban initiative by MINI.”

Twitter @MINI United – Official Twitter page for MINI United.

YouTube – MINI’s Channel – Official site for MINI video ads, announcements, premiers, and events.

YouTube – MINI Motorsport’s Channel – Official site for MINI Motorsports videos and events.

YouTube – MINI USA’s Channel – Official site for MINI USA video ads, announcements, premiers, and events.

social networking apps

Facebook | MINI Mate – Find fellow motorers by MINI model, location, gender, age, and relationship.

Facebook | MINI Moments – Share photos from MINI events.

smartphone apps

MINI LINK App – Official MINI USA social networking app for the Apple iPhone.

MINI Mate: a social network within Facebook




While it hasn’t officially launched, MINI announced a new social network app on Facebook called MINI Mate.  Just in time for MINI United 2012, this network within a social network allows you to find others like yourself:

The network of MINI drivers and fans is vast, but MINI Mate picks out the gems for you.
We’ll find you the MINIacs you share the most interests with – you just worry about kickstarting that beautiful friendship.

The app lets you set up a profile including multiples MINIs as well as importing your favorites from your Facebook profile.  You can choose the languages you speak and the MINI events you have attended.  MINI Mate will then suggest friends or let you search for them.

Once MINI Mate reaches 500 MINI mates, they will give away a prize of a MINI United 2012 merchandise package.

Sign in to Facebook and add the MINI Mate app.

new MINI social network: MOTORING CONNECTION


Less than a week old is a new social network for MINI owners called MOTORING CONNECTION.  The website was started by Mark Vogler and can be found at motoringconnection.com.

The website lets your create a profile (with only one MINI, unfortunately), post photos and videos, create and join groups, add and respond to events, and view items for sale in the classifieds.  There is a mobile version of the site, as well.

Edit: Library of Motoring has a profile there now.  Friend us at motoringconnection.com/profile/libraryofmotoring.