• collectibles: LEGO Classic Mini Cooper

    LEGO just announced it will release a LEGO Creator set featuring the Classic Mini Cooper in British Racing Green with a White roof and bonnet stripes.  The 1,077-piece set will sell for $99. Take the […]

  • collectibles: Go MINI Stunt Racers

    Go MINI Stunt Racers There are five Go MINI Stunt Racers: Bite, Blast, Rebel, Salt, and Spice.  They work with the Go MINI Stunt Launcher.  From Toys-R-Us: The Go Mini Stunt Launcher is compatible with […]

  • collectibles: Go MINI RC Wolf

    Go MINI RC Wolf This is the final Go MINI item that appears in the MINI MotoringGear 2012/2013 catalog. Pictured above is the Go MINI RC Wolf.  It is already available at Toys-R-Us and is coming […]

  • collectibles: Go MINI Freestylers

    Go MINI Freestylers Go MINI Freestylers are larger than the Go MINI Crew-zers and each has a different feature. Already available at Toys-R-Us and coming in January 2013 from the MINI MotoringGear catalog are these […]