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collectible of the day: MINI BRAND PLAYING CARDS

MINI BRAND PLAYING CARDSFor the MINI MOTORINGGEAR SPRING/SUMMER 2007 collection, MINI USA decided to forgo the usual catalog format and instead produced this pack of MINI BRAND PLAYING CARDS.  There is a different MINI MotoringGear item on the face of each card.  The included fold-out sheet also shows the entire collection with descriptions, sizes, and prices.  The sheet says:


Here’s the deal: when prime motoring weather rolls around, it’s easy to give yourself over to the road without outfitting yourself for the occasion. To help counteract this phenomenon, we’ve decked out a set of playing cards in the all-new and classic MINI MotoringGear in the hopes you’ll follow suit. Created in the MINI tradition, MotoringGear is tailor made for finding a style that’s all your own. Because in the world of motoring, one of a kind wins every time.

The pack contains the usual 52 cards plus two Jokers.  Instead of the normal diamond, hearts, clubs, and spades, this set uses an exit sign (diamonds), Interstate sign (hearts), pine tree air freshener (clubs), and MINI bulldog (spades).  One additional card has “POKER TERMS THAT COULD COME IN HANDY SOMEDAY” on one side and “HOW TO SHUFFLE LIKE YOU MEAN IT” on the other.

The MINI USA catalog number is MG-04-07-20M.


collectible of the day: MINI SNAP! Accessory Edition cards

MINI SNAP! Accessory Edition card (back)

MINI SNAP! Accessory Edition card (aero kit)

MINI SNAP! Accessory Edition card (Union Jack mirror cap)

From the UK circa 2005 we have this set of MINI SNAP! Accessory Edition cards.  The pack contains 52 cards in 13 sets of four matching MINI accessory cards. Promoted accessories include aero kits, driving lights, mirror caps, roof graphics, wheels, and a baby car seat.

There is one additional card promoting the Ministry of Ownership:


Have you visited the Ministry of Ownership at mini.co.uk? It’s there to help you get the most from your MINI — from exclusive deals, competitions and fun, to route planning, driving tours and accessories. It’s also a very useful point of contact with us here at MINI HQ. Surf and see!

The first time you log in, you’ll need your chassis number.