Car Talk
Listeners of National Public Radio (NPR) on weekends are familiar with the program “Car Talk” featuring “Click and Clack”, or Tom and Ray Magliozzi.  On the program the brothers review cars and attempt to solve the car problems of callers.

They have reviewed two MINI models:

The 2002 MINI Cooper review is very thorough with a rating of “Awesome!” by Ray and “Pretty Good!” by Tom.

As you might expect from a car developed by BMW, the driving experience in the Mini Cooper is pretty damn sporty. The car is fun to drive. The handling is exceptionally good. When you turn the Mini into corners it digs in, in the way a good-handling car does. In other words, if you make a left turn, you don’t feel yourself falling out the right passenger window. Why? Several reasons.

The Mini has a low center of gravity. It’s wheels are pushed all the way out to the corners, like the original Mini (if they were pushed any further, they’d be on someone else’s car). Finally, the Mini has good, tight suspension components throughout.

The 2009 MINI Cooper Clubman review consists of lists of “Pros” and “Cons” with a few photos.

MINI Cooper and Ray and Tom