• collectible of the day: MINI model banners

    The MINI model banners shown hung in MINI dealerships from the launch of MINI in the US in 2002.  They hang from thick string attached to a wooden dowel (with a second dowel at the […]

  • collectible of the day: MORE TURN. LESS BURN. sticker ad

    DRIVE LIKE THERE IS A TOMORROW. At MINI, we believe you can hug trees and corners at the same time. That the letters RPM can play nice with the letters MPG. And that adrenaline is […]

  • first US MINI Countryman print ad

    MINI USA’s ad agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has released its first MINI Countryman print ad. LET IT SNOW. Introducing the bigger, four-door, all-wheel drive MINI Countryman. The print ad can be found in […]

  • dimensions comparison

    With the release of the new MINI Countryman, we created a dimensions comparison table and diagram to show the size comparison among the original classic Mini Cooper, the new MINI Cooper, and the MINI Countryman. […]