• collectibles: Go MINI Stunt Racers

    Go MINI Stunt Racers There are five Go MINI Stunt Racers: Bite, Blast, Rebel, Salt, and Spice.  They work with the Go MINI Stunt Launcher.  From Toys-R-Us: The Go Mini Stunt Launcher is compatible with […]

  • MINI USA Mayan calendar end-of-the-world newspaper ads

    WELL, SO MUCH FOR THE 2014 MODELS. According to the Mayan calendar, the world ends today, so this could be your last chance to get behind the wheel of a new MINI. Right now you […]

  • collectibles: Go MINI RC Wolf

    Go MINI RC Wolf This is the final Go MINI item that appears in the MINI MotoringGear 2012/2013 catalog. Pictured above is the Go MINI RC Wolf.  It is already available at Toys-R-Us and is coming […]

  • collectibles: Go MINI Freestylers

    Go MINI Freestylers Go MINI Freestylers are larger than the Go MINI Crew-zers and each has a different feature. Already available at Toys-R-Us and coming in January 2013 from the MINI MotoringGear catalog are these […]