• collectible of the day: MINI Hardtop brochure (2005)

    Pictured is the 2005 MINI COOPER. MINI COOPERS. models brochure.  This is the first brochure to show the refresh design for the first-generation MINI Hardtop.  The then-new MINI Convertible is not included, it had its […]

  • global MINI sales for April 2010

    From BMW Group PressClub USA: The MINI brand delivered 2.3% more units in April, at 17,718 (prev. yr. 17,320) vehicles. Between January and April, 67,250 MINI cars were sold. This represents a 10.4% increase in […]

  • collectible of the day: TASTE OF MINI. can

    Looking like a can of energy drink, this “TASTE OF MINI.” faux drink can from Austria actually contains a rolled up brochure for MINI Financial Services. The 2009 brochure is headed “Heisse Angebote in starken […]

  • MINI Takes the States 2010 routes and dates

    While the official MINI Takes the States website doesn’t show the rally routes or dates, MINI USA’s Facebook page has them on the MTTS 2010 tab. From the West San Francisco Start: 8/6 – Launch […]