LET'S JEKYLL & HYDE IT. postcard ad
LET’S JEKYLL & HYDE IT. Let’s lower it. Let’s raise it. Let’s add a spoiler. Let’s minus a spoiler. Let’s trick it out. Let’s rein it in. Let’s detail the roof. Let’s strip the roof. Let’s flame paint it. Let’s de-flame paint it. Let’s show everyone what we’ve got inside. LET’S MOTOR.

This ad insert from 2003 contains a dual-image postcard of a Chili Red MINI Cooper.  When viewed from one angle, the MINI looks plain (see right).  Tilt the ad and the MINI changes into a rally car with four driving lights on the roof, two lights on the grille, white bonnet stripes, an aero kit, racing seats, rollbars, and more.

The backside fine print reads:

View Jekyll and Hyde postcard at own risk. Overexposure to dual image may cause eyes to cross or in extreme cases switch sockets. The visual was created by computer and not by super natural forces, dark magic, sorcery or witchcraft. MINIs on postcard only look three dimensional, any attempt to enter postcard will result in failure and embarrassment. The MINI name and logo are trademarks of the MINI division of BMW or North America, LLC. © 2003

The MINI USA catalog number is INS006-03.

The LET’S JEKYLL & HYDE IT. postcard ad insert can be found in the September 2003 issue of Spin magazine (between pages 72 & 73).