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MINI Connected update launching soon

MINI Connected Update

From BMW Group PressClub Global:

Munich . After five years, the MINI Connected app is undergoing a major relaunch, with the new version available to download from mid-August. The design follows the same principles applied to the brand’s realignment as recently revealed, meaning that the focus has been clearly placed on the essentials. In the same way as the brand has now adopted a much more pared-down overall approach, MINI Connected will in future concentrate on driving-related functions.

From now on, the MINI Connected App will comprise the following features:

  • MINI Streetwise
  • The basic functions Status, Apps and Profile
  • Online Search
  • Sports Instruments and Force Meter
  • Calendar

MINI Streetwise: the new central feature of the MINI Connected app.
MINI Streetwise, the MINI Connected app’s new application, lets users display the best route on their smartphone before the journey has even started. For this purpose, the app makes use of personal driving data together with the user’s own past journeys, and shows information such as journey duration and fuel consumption. The application determines the current location and displays all destinations recorded to date and the best routes on the smartphone. If several drives to the same destination have already been recorded, MINI Streetwise will calculate the user’s personal best route as the recommended option. Clicking on the destination pin calls up the estimated time of arrival together with alternative routes, including data such as distance, journey duration and fuel consumption. Users can choose to have the places displayed on a map or as a list. This same information can also be visualised in the Centre Instrument once the smartphone has been connected to the MINI. Drivers therefore always have a clear recommendation for the best way to get from A to B.

The other menu items in the MINI Connected app at a glance.
The vehicle’s location, fuel level, potential range and the last journey recorded can be found under the menu item “Status”. Clicking on the location opens a map view showing the route to the parked car. All available and installed apps are listed under “Apps”, providing users with a quick summary of all the applications that can be used in the vehicle via MINI Connected, as well as the third-party apps that are available for their MINI in the App Store or are already installed on the smartphone and linked to the vehicle. In addition to this there is the “Profile” menu item, where users can enter a name for themselves or their MINI, upload a photo and call up their personal driving statistics, including total distance, total driving time and average consumption. Finally, users will find all app information and MINI Connected tutorials under “Information”.

MINI Connected comes with the performance-oriented vehicle apps Sports Instruments and Force Meter.
The Sports Instruments and Force Meter applications can be called up directly in the MINI Centre Instrument to display performance data. Sports Instruments shows engine data including rev speed, torque, engine temperature and current engine output. The Force Meter application, meanwhile, visualises all accelerating forces on the screen while on the move, using graphics to indicate the current longitudinal and lateral acceleration in sectors surrounding a virtual MINI in the centre of the display.

Online Search and Calendar complete the range of MINI Connected features. 
Online Search can be used to quickly find places and addresses while in the car and transfer them straight to the optional MINI navigation system for route planning. It is possible to place phone calls directly from the Online Search function as well, for instance to make a reservation in a restaurant. MINI Connected also allows the vehicle to connect to the smartphone’s calendar. All appointments and the to-do list are then shown in the vehicle display, together with details such as attendees, phone numbers and addresses, and can be imported into the navigation system as destinations, while calls can be placed directly via the vehicle’s hands-free system.

MINI apps guide added to reference section

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A new reference page for MINI apps was added to the Library of Motoring today. The MINI apps guide is a comprehensive list of Mini and MINI apps for Android and Apple and a few for BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

MINI’s official MINI Connected app connects your mobile phone to your MINI if it has the MINI Connected option.  In addition, there are several MINI Connected-compatible apps that add more functionality.

Finally, there are many third-party apps which allow you to read Mini- and MINI-related magazines and blogs.

See the MINI apps page at libraryofmotoring.info/reference/apps.

MINI Connected adds Spotify

MINI Connected SpotifyMINI has added another music services to MINI Connected.  If you use an iPhone and have MINI Connected, you can now access Spotify in your MINI.

From the BMW Group PressClub Global:

Starting today, all Spotify users on iOS – both free and Premium – can enjoy a seamless music experience to BMW and MINI drivers:

  • Access your own music and playlists or use features like Radio and Browse to find the perfect music for every mood and moment
  • Enjoy an intuitive viewing experience on the car’s high-resolution Control Display
  • Comfortable and safe to use with the iDrive Controller
  • Premium subscribers can enjoy extra high quality on-demand music (320kbps) –  which sounds great on the car’s audio system – as well as ad-free and offline listening.

MTTS 2014 app available for download

MTTS 2014 App (Main) MTTS 2014 App (Update)

The MINI TAKES THE STATES 2014 app is now available for Android and Apple devices!

The MTTS 2014 app requires a login using your registration email and code (printed on your event ticket).  Once logged in, you get options for the the daily Agenda, Route, self Check-in, Games, and Extras.  You can quickly update the content with a link on the main screen (see above).

There are two games: a Trivia Contest and Photo of the Day.  Answer questions and submit photos to earn points.  The app displays the Leaderboards.

There are a lot of Extras.  Set up your Profile, view your registration conformation, get links to submit to social media, photo gallery, recommended hotels, apps, suggested places to eat, fun facts, Sirius XM playlists, Waze information, sponsors, and more.

Download the MTTS 2014 app from Google Play.

Download the MTTS 2014 app from Apple iTunes.

Download the MTTS 2014 app for Windows Phone.

MTTS 2014 App (Update) MTTS 2014 App (Extras)

MINI Connected XL Journey Mate app for trip planning

MINI Connected XL Journey Mate

MINI has released an enhancement to its MINI Connected feature with an app called MINI Connected XL Journey Mate.  As with MINI Connected, the app is only available to iPhone users.

From BMW Group PressClub Global:

Munich. The new MINI comfortably accommodates four passengers, however now there is room for a fifth up front – the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate. This clever new app not only helps the driver with navigation but also supplies individually tailored information on the road, adapted to suit the current driving situation, making every MINI trip even safer, more comfortable and more exciting than ever before. The system knows the driver’s preferred route, reminds him when it is time to refuel, messages him about impending appointments or planned telephone calls, reports traffic information in real time, assists in locating parking spaces, and directs the driver on foot to his final destination. The MINI Connected XL Journey Mate is available for the new MINI from April 2014. To use the system, the vehicle must be equipped with the Wired package, which includes the Professional Navigation System.

The diverse functions of this innovative travel companion have been merged into an app, which evaluates data from various sources and uses this to generate a range of useful information for the driver. Full use is made of the unique possibilities afforded by the intelligent networking between driver, vehicle and the environment resulting from incorporating the Apple iPhone in the operating system of the MINI. For MINI Fans who spend a lot of time in their cars, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate quickly becomes a trusted companion, and one that quickly shows its usefulness not only in the vehicle but also on the smartphone.

Apple iPhone users can plan a trip on their mobile phone, taking into account calendar entries and any appointments they have at their destination. As soon as the smartphone is connected to the MINI at the beginning of the journey, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate calculates whether there is enough fuel for the trip and highlights service stations en route, it indicates the expected time of arrival and gives weather information for the final destination. All this and Real Time Traffic Information is displayed on the MINI’s 8.8-inch on-board monitor. The system is navigable via the new MINI Touch Controller and multifunctional steering wheel buttons and is intuitive and simple to use.

In the course of the journey, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate guides the driver when required to a petrol station that can be reached without any major diversion, assists in selecting intermediate stopping points, and suggests possibilities for parking in the vicinity of the destination. In addition, the virtual travel companion can remind the driver of particular activities by emitting audible or visual signals. Upon request, the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate can also remind him of calendar entries from his iPhone. Self-composed memos can be stored and then called up at the appropriate moments. The app also includes a useful pedestrian navigation service that runs on the smartphone, designed to show the way from the parking space to the destination and back to the car.

Completed trips can be stored, and then later amended. The MINI Connected XL Journey Mate will reliably update the trip with any new information.

Online Mini and MINI magazines

The MINI International app

You may have viewed our Magazines page with its list of the print magazines available for the classic Mini and MINI.  Some of these are hard to find in the US in print form.  Here’s how to access some of the best e-magazines for your mobile device.

The MINI International

The MINI International

The MINI International is MINI’s own global magazine focusing on “the MINI approach to life”.  The iPad app features the top ten stories from the magazine enhanced by short film sequences, game modules, and interesting background information.

Download the MINI International iPad app at iTunes.

Visit the companion MINI Space website at www.minispace.com.




Modern MINI

Modern MINI

Modern MINI is a bimonthly magazine from the UK.  It’s available to read online or on all mobile devices.  You can purchase a 7-issue digital subscription or single issues.

Access Modern MINI on your PC or mobile device at Pocket Mags.

View their website at www.modernmini.co.uk.




Mini Magazine

Mini Magazine

Mini Magazine is the magazine for anyone who wants to get the best out of their classic Mini. Rammed with technical features, advice, and inspirational feature cars.  You can purchase a 13-issue digital subscription or single issues.

Access Mini Magazine on your PC or mobile device at Pocket Mags or Zinio.

View Barnes & Noble Mini Magazine [NOOK Magazine].

View their website at www.minimag.co.uk.




Mini Expert

Mini Expert

Mini Expert was a single issue magazine. In it, Mini Magazine‘s technical editor Keith Calver shares his vast knowledge of the classic Mini’s powertrain, including identifying and rebuilding different A-Series engines, essential gearbox maintenance and repair, road and race clutches, and tuning your engine to get the very best performance for your budget.

Access Mini Expert on your PC or mobile device at Zinio.






MiniWorld is a monthly magazine from the UK.  MiniWorld is the original magazine for the classic Mini. It’s jam-packed with the best modified Minis in the world, from full-on custom cars to beautiful restorations. There’s news, club info and technical features, plus a classified section. It’s available to read online or on all mobile devices.  You can purchase a 13-issue digital subscription or single issues.

Access MiniWorld on your PC or mobile device at Pocket Mags.

View their website at www.miniworld.co.uk.





love:mini is a free online-only magazine and resource for the classic Mini and MINI enthusiasts.

Download or read online from the love:mini Issues page.

View their website at www.love-mini.co.uk.





MC2 Magazine

MC2 Magazine

MC2 had an online magazine in 2011.  You can still read MC2 issues 28-32 for free:

View their website at www.mc2magazine.com.



MotorWerks MagazineMotorWerks Magazine

MotorWerks Magazine is a new media (online) magazine from Canada covering BMW and MINI motorsport and enthusiast interests.  It is free to read.

Access the current Volume 4, Issue 1 and the entire Archives.


Amazon Cloud Player now available in MINI vehicles

Amazon Cloud Player

From Amazon Press Info:

Customers can conveniently enjoy their entire music library while on the road—no CDs or local storage needed

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 3, 2013– (NASDAQ:AMZN)—Amazon.com, Inc. today announced the availability of Amazon Cloud Player for iOS in BMW Apps and MINI Connected-equipped vehicles from model year 2011 forward. Amazon Cloud Player customers using iPhone and iPod Touch devices can now conveniently access their music using the vehicle’s controller and screen. For more information, customers can visit amazon.com/cloudplayer/auto.

Customers will love the integration of Amazon Cloud Player for BMW Apps and MINI Connected vehicles because they will be able to:

  • Easily access their music playlists stored in Amazon Cloud Player with the convenience of using dashboard controls
  • Enjoy music in high-quality up to 256kbps audio
  • Free up local storage space on their phones by storing and accessing music in the cloud
  • Get rid of bulky CDs for easier music listening in the car

“We embrace in-car entertainment as an extension of our customers’ listening experiences. We want our customers to be able to enjoy their entire music library wherever they are—that includes being able to conveniently listen to and control their music while driving,” said Steve Boom, Vice President of Digital Music for Amazon. “That’s why we’re thrilled to bring Amazon Cloud Player to top automotive brands so customers can access their favorite songs, albums and playlists with the easy-to-use, in-vehicle controller and screen. This integration with the BMW Group further solidifies our commitment to providing our customers with music listening choices that fit their on-the-go lifestyles.”

The launch of Amazon Cloud Player in BMW and Mini Cooper follows the integration in Ford SYNC Applink-equipped vehicles earlier this year. Amazon provides one of the broadest selections of playback solutions of any major cloud music service with the ability to download, manage and stream music in the cloud.

Download the app for Android and Apple devices from Amazon.com, Google Play, or Apple App Store.

Read the Amazon press release Amazon Cloud Player Now Available in BMW and MINI Vehicles.

MINI and Flipboard team up

Flipboard: MINI Not Normal

MINI has teamed up with Flipboard to curate an online and mobile magazine based around the “NOT NORMAL” theme. Flipboard enables users “to read and collect the news they care about, curating their favorite stories into their own magazine” as a mobile app and now also on a computer.

From the Flipboard blog post MINI’s Giant Leap to Flipboard:

The MINI has never been a normal car—by design. It was created in response to the Suez Canal crisis in the mid 1950s, which caused yet another gasoline embargo in England. The idea was that this car would be fuel efficient and stylish with a passenger compartment that was comfortable despite the automobile’s tiny size.

The new kind of economy car rolled off the production line in 1959 and was a quick hit. It was striking to look at and fun to drive; its minimalist sensibility created a special place in the hearts of automotive lovers for generations. In 1999, the Global Automotive Elections Foundation named it one of the 20th century’s most influential cars in the world—second only to Henry Ford’s Model T.

MINI, an advertiser in Flipboard, is also a curator: It’s created a brand magazine on the concept of “Not Normal,” where it’s sharing articles, videos and photos focused on self-expression, creativity and inventiveness.

To view the magazine, search “Not Normal” in Flipboard or click here.

Read MINI NOT NORMAL on the Flipboard website, or download the Flipboard app from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Android App on Google Play.



every Monday is #MINIMonday

Instagram #minimonday Twitter #minimonday

Weekly themed social media hashtags have really taken off and MINI is no exception.  Both Instagram and Twitter celebrate “MINI Monday” using the hashtag #minimonday (or #MINIMonday since hashtags are not case-sensitive).  On Google+ this hashtag is being used for non-MINI purposes at the moment.

  • MINI Monday posts on Twitter can be seen at Twitter #minimonday.
  • Instagram is a mobile app only, but the photos can be viewed at Statigram.