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MINI Moments App for MINI United 2012

MINI Moments

Just a day before MINI United begins in France, MINI has released an iPhone app which connects with Facebook.  The purpose is simple, share photos of MINI United:

Share and explore your favorite moments from MINI United 2012 in Le Castellet, France right as they happen.

How it works:

  • Capture your favorite moments at MINI United 2012.
  • Share them in the MINI Moments Facebook or iPhone app.
  • Watch your photo go to the top of the live feed and grow in likes!

If you don’t have the iPhone app, you can still share photos through the Facebook app itself.

Visit the MINI Moments Facebook page.


MINI Roadster augmented reality print ad

LIVE AND EXOTIC augmented reality print at LIVE AND EXOTIC Zappar screenshot


Want to take a peek behind the curtain? Download the free Zappar app from your app store. Select the MINI tile at the top of your screen and tap “download.” Then hold your phone over the curtain. And enjoy the show.

To finish our series of MINI Roadster prints ads, we saved the best for last.  Following on from the MINI Roadster “Peep Show” video, we have a similar print ad that features augmented reality video.  Using your mobile smartphone with the Zappar app installed, view the print ad and watch it come to life.

The print ad can be found on page 111 of the May 2012 issue of Wired. (There is the THINK RACY THOUGHTS. print ad on the other side.)

If you don’t want to look for the Wired issue, download and print the PDF (full-page (7.5 MB) or reduced-size (415 kB)).


MINI Connected to add Stitcher

Stitcher App on MINI Connected

MINI Connected will soon get another streaming audio app to go along with Pandora and MOG.  Stitcher focuses on news and talk radio content:

Stitcher is the leader in Internet Radio for the world beyond music. We deliver the latest news, politics, sports, business and entertainment on-demand to listeners on their mobile phones. The Stitcher app has been downloaded over 5 million times and offers the best programming from thousands of content providers including NPR, Fox and CNN. Stitcher is available for iPhone, Android and iPad and is being integrated directly into new Ford and GM vehicles.

The app is still in development.  According to BMW Group PressClub USA:

When integration is complete, a simple update to the Stitcher iPhone app through the iTunes App Store will enable a host of Stitcher’s unique entertainment features to be integrated seamlessly into the car, where they can be easily operated using the already familiar BMW iDrive and MINI Connected systems. The prototype Stitcher app for the BMW Apps and the MINI Connected platforms will showcase the following unique capabilities:

Seamless integration and control of Stitcher’s services through the vehicle’s infotainment system, which enables easy searches for content, the ability to provide feedback (“More Like This” and “Listeners Also Like”),  and fast forward and rewind control

  • The ability to create or remove custom stations on demand
  • High-resolution visual display featuring album art and convenient show/episode information, such as latest episodes, duration and whether the listener has already listened to the episode

Stitcher offers the following features:

  • Personalized playlists of listeners’ favorite shows
  • Stitcher recommendation of other programs based on listening preferences towards the discovery of new shows and content
  • The broadest selection of podcasts and live radio on-demand
  • Stitcher SmartRadio enjoys a 5 star consumer rating and #1 ranking in the iTunes App Store’s News category

Read the Engadget article and watch the video (showing the BMW version) BMW launches Stitcher integration at SXSW (hands-on video).

classic Mini magazines for the iPad

Mini Magazine September 2011MiniWorld January 2012Two long-running classic Mini magazines from the UK are now available for the Apple iPad and iPhone.  Mini Magazine and MiniWorld can be found in the Apple Newsstand.

The Mini Magazine app is free to download.  Individual digital issues are $4.99 or you can get three subscription lengths: 90 days for $12.99, 180 days for $21.99, or 365 days for $39.99.  Right now the September 2011 issue is free to celebrate the launch.

The MiniWorld Magazine app costs $5.99 and includes one issue of your choice.  Individual issues are $4.99 and there is also a 13 issues subscription for $36.99.

Visit the Apple App Store to download Mini Magazine and MiniWorld.


MINI Motoring app by MINI Financial Services

MINI Motoring app

MINI Financial Services has released an app called “MINI Motoring”.  It is available for both Android and Apple devices.  From MINI USA News:

The all-new “MINI MOTORING” mobile app provides the ability for users to discover the best roads in more than 50 countries, as well as rank, comment and share those roads via Facebook, email or other GPS devices. MINI Financial Services’ customers enjoying the app also gain exclusive access to “gamified” features, including receiving rewards by completing certain actions in the app or by utilizing various financial account services.

After a simple login, MINI Financial Services customers can start earning points through usage (e.g. posting new roads, commenting on other roads) or by signing up for electronic invoicing or paperless statements. The more points received, the more rewards can be unlocked. Currently, the rewards are quality MINI images which can be used as backgrounds on phones, desktop images or to share with friends. Plans for future rewards include winning promotional items or other MINI-centric prizes.

Visit the Android Market or Apple App Store or get the app at http://j.mp/minimotoring.

Read the entire press release “MINI Motoring” Discovers Fun in Sharing the Road Less Traveled.


The MINI International iPad App

MINI’s automotive, travel, and style magazine is now available as an app for the Apple iPad.

From BMW Group PressClub Global:

Munich. THE MINI INTERNATIONAL magazine will be released as an iPad app in German and English in the iTunes App Store on 13 September 2011 in time for the start of the IAA International Motor Show.The MINI INTERNATIONAL app is different. It not only allows MINI fans to experience the contents of the printed edition in multimedia form but also provides a weekly update with all the latest news: a MINI “best-of” from the blogs and websites unlike.net, NOWNESS.com and davidreport.com. These three partners will help ensure that THE MINI INTERNATIONAL app stays exciting and up-to-the-minute.

The app will feature articles from THE MINI INTERNATIONAL with even more pictures, exciting videos and audio-visual streams – as well as weekly bulletins on the MINI brand, lifestyle, culture, art and other topics of interest to MINI fans. The app’s interface concept is based on the printed edition and, like the magazine itself, is also characterised by its aesthetic design. Interesting feeds and an integrated Facebook share function guarantee perfect networking.

A multimedia special that ties in with the international campaign “Another Day. Another Adventure.” will be released to mark the launch of the MINI Coupé, as well as a film documenting the MINI Clubman video art on display at the IAA.

THE MINI INTERNATIONAL print magazine is published twice a year, in March and September. THE MINI INTERNATIONAL application will be released at the same time as the print version and will also be updated on a weekly basis through feeds from partner websites and the official MINI online channels.

Download the THE MINI INTERNATIONAL app from the iTunes App Store.

BSSP: virtual MINI Countryman app

virtual MINI Countryman app

From Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners:

Our new virtual MINI app lets consumers view the new MINI Countryman in any real-world environment they want–the peak of a mountain, the foot of a waterfall, or even their very own garage.  Consumers can select from a variety of different configurations, view the vehicle at various angles, take pictures and upload them to share with friends. To launch the app we ran an ad in Wired with a QR code that sent users to the app store. We’re getting quite a bit of coverage.

See more photos at Try a MINI Countryman on for size.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store.

MINI Liquid Assets game for iPhone

MINI Financial Services has a free game for the iPhone called MINI Liquid Assets.  It works like a kid’s water jet game.  From the game description:

Shoot the coins into the MINI cars to collect points. The faster you reach your goal, the more bonus time you accumulate for the next level. Yes, there are eight levels in total with all sorts of obstacles eager to throw you off course, including wind turbines, sharks, and aliens. MINI Liquid Assets is a fun and easy-to-play game brought to you by MINI Financial Services.

MINI Liquid Assets MINI Liquid Assets

MINI Liquid Assets is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, and requires the iPhone 2.2 software update.

Download MINI Liquid Assets from Apple iTunes.

MINI Liquid Assets

MINI LINK walk-through video by BSSP

MINI LINK screenshot
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners present a walk-through of MINI LINK, a “MINI Map-Based iPhone Community App”.  During the nearly two and a half minute video, the demonstration shows how to configure your MINI avatar by customizing the MINI graphic, how to use map and browse views, change your settings, send a wave, and access rally mode.

MINI LINK can be used by non-MINI owners who will get a “simplified version” of the app.  MINI owners get full use of the app by entering their VIN and signing in.

Using the map view, MINI owners can graphically see other MINIs, hotspots, event locations, and breadcrumbs.  Switch to browse view to see items in lists.

When other MINIs are nearby, you can select and send a wave (see image) or set up an automatic wave for anyone who motors nearby.

Finally, select Rally Mode which sends a alert to all MINIs in a specified radius to follow you.  This feature can be used for rally planners to organize road rallies.

Watch the walk-through video for MINI LINK.