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collectible of the day: IMMER OFFEN. pin

For the launch of the MINI Cabrio (Convertible) in the summer of 2004, MINI used the slogan “ALWAYS OPEN” which in German is “IMMER OFFEN”.

MINI Germany produced this button pin with “IMMER OFFEN.” in red with the MINI logo below.

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collectible of the day: MINI Cabrio sunglasses

MINI Cabrio sunglasses in canister

MINI Cabrio sunglasses

These sunglasses were distributed in Germany for the launch of the MINI Cabrio (Convertible) in the summer of 2004.  The flexible mirrored and tinted plastic sunglasses came rolled up in a small container about the size of a 35 mm film canister on which is written “MINI CABRIO. IMMER OFFEN.” (MINI Convertible. Always Open.).  The sunglasses are naturally curled and when opened up will remain on your face by gripping your temples.