every Monday is #MINIMonday

Instagram #minimonday Twitter #minimonday

Weekly themed social media hashtags have really taken off and MINI is no exception.  Both Instagram and Twitter celebrate “MINI Monday” using the hashtag #minimonday (or #MINIMonday since hashtags are not case-sensitive).  On Google+ this hashtag is being used for non-MINI purposes at the moment.

  • MINI Monday posts on Twitter can be seen at Twitter #minimonday.
  • Instagram is a mobile app only, but the photos can be viewed at Statigram.

One thought on “every Monday is #MINIMonday

  • Mr. Beanmobile

    Yippppppeeeee that’s why I started #minimonday for all the Miniacs out there who love Minis. Join us 🙂

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