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MINI Roadster print ad campaign

MINI Roadster print ad 1 MINI Roadster print ad 2 MINI Roadster print ad 4

Earlier this week we featured the MINI Roadster video: Saturday in Istanbul.  Today we have seven print ads for the forthcoming MINI Roadster, some which have the Roadster share the spotlight with its “accomplice” (according to MINI) the MINI Coupe.  Print ads should start showing up in magazines in January 2012.  The ad slogans are:

  • Half the Seats TWICE the Fun.
  • Think Twice STILL Do It.
  • Survival of the QUICKEST.
  • From A to B OR NOT to B?
  • Made to CROSS the Line.
  • Get Used to Being FOLLOWED.
  • Choose Your ACCOMPLICE Wisely.
MINI Roadster print ad 3 MINI Raodster print ad 5
MINI Roadster print ad 6 MINI Raodster print ad 7

online MINI Coupé brochure

online MINI Coupé brochure
For the MINI Coupe, MINI’s London-based ad agency created a very stylized brochure in the form of a graphic novel.  They vary somewhat from country to country, depending on the models offered, but all contain the same detailed and dynamic illustrations.

MINI Space discusses the creation of the brochure and gives a link to view and download the online UK version of it.

Read and download THE NEW MINI COUPÉ.

 online MINI Coupe brochure (pages 18-19)

The New MINI Coupé Presents video series

The New MINI Coupé Presents video series

MINI just released several videos to promote the forthcoming MINI Coupe.  The New MINI Coupé Presents video series shows unrelated adventures from Iceland, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong.

The New MINI Coupé Presents: “Hitchhiker” (Director’s Cut)

Tuesday: A nose for exotic exploits can lead to some tricky situations. Luckily the cockpit of the new MINI Coupé is a perfect place for adventure – and escape. Can this MINI Coupé driver skirt the icy situation he finds himself in?

The New MINI Coupé Presents: “Sunday in Rio”

Sunday: All dressed up with one really outrageously awesome place to go? Say hello to the new MINI Coupé – With the right wingman, there’s action around every corner. Even on a Sunday.

The New MINI Coupé Presents: “Love is in the Air”

Wednesday: It’s just another Wednesday in Hong Kong and “Love is in the Air.” Trouble is, the troublemakers here are having a hard time sharing. Could it just be the new MINI Coupé everyone’s after?

BSSP creates Manual Up ad campaign

Manual Up - MINI Manual Driving School banner

MINI USA’s advertising agency Butler, Shine, Stern + Partners (BSSP) is launching a new ad campaign promoting the manual transmission.  “Manual Up” is the slogan with several clever taglines playing on the word “stick”.  MINI owners already have one of the highest rates of manual transmission purchasing.  According to Thomas Salkowsky, MINI brand marketing manager:

[A]bout 34% of buyers of the Clubman, the MINI Cooper convertible and the hard top buy the manual version, and that even for the AWD version of the Countryman, MINI’s answer for a crossover, the manual take rate is about 30%.

Manual Up - STICK HAPPENS. posterManual Up - EXHILARATION ON A STICK. posterOne wonders if the shortage of AISIN manual transmissions from Japan prompted this campaign, especially since dealers are offering a $500 discount for MINIs with a manual transmission.

It is unclear whether there will be print ads, but BSSP has created banner ads and posters. MINI USA’s Facebook page will have an ad that “communicates ‘Manualhood’ and exhilaration”.  Much like Crispin Porter + Bogusky did for the launch of the MINI Convertible, BSSP will set up a phone number 855-MANUAL-UP (855-626-8258) with a “humorous message about what it means to be in the ‘hood”.

A note for MINI collectors: the ad campaign will feature posters, car antenna toppers, and a dealer “Manualhood” Motoring Manual.

See more Manual Up advertising materials on BSSP’s blog post TIME TO MANUAL UP.

Read more about the Manual Up marketing campaign at MediaPost News Mini: Get In Touch With Your Inner ‘Manualhood’.

BSSP: virtual MINI Countryman app

virtual MINI Countryman app

From Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners:

Our new virtual MINI app lets consumers view the new MINI Countryman in any real-world environment they want–the peak of a mountain, the foot of a waterfall, or even their very own garage.  Consumers can select from a variety of different configurations, view the vehicle at various angles, take pictures and upload them to share with friends. To launch the app we ran an ad in Wired with a QR code that sent users to the app store. We’re getting quite a bit of coverage.

See more photos at Try a MINI Countryman on for size.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store.

BSSP: MINI Countryman Billboard in Times Square

MINI Countryman Billboard in Times Square

Following up on the first MINI Countryman billboard, MINI USA’s advertising agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has created a much larger building wrap billboard in Times Square.  BSSP describes it:

Amidst the clutter, neon and noise of Times Square we used the launch of the all-new four-wheel drive MINI Countryman to do something simple, quiet and, dare we say, beautiful. The eight panel OOH takeover has two fiberglass Countryman mounted on an idyllic mountain scene with the words: Let it Snow.

See more photos at BSSP’s Let It Snow in Times Square.

BSSP: MINI Countryman billboard

MINI Countryman billboard

Following up on the MINI Countryman snowglobe installation, MINI Countryman Family Pack installation, and MINI Countryman NYC stunt, MINI USA’s advertising agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has created the first MINI Countryman billboard.

The new billboard is located in Chicago and features a True Blue and White MINI Countryman over the slogan “GOES WELL OVER ICE.”