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MINI vs. Monster video ad coming tomorrow

MINI vs. Monster

Above is a screenshot of the forthcoming MINI vs. Monster video ad which will be released tomorrow, January 14th.  Already being shown on German television, the two-minute “3D slow motion” ad features the four-member MINI family being jumped by a monster truck.

From Popsop:

The video is dubbed ‘MINI vs Monster’ and sees a huge monster truck jumping as long as 15.52 meters over the Mini car family standing motionless on the stadium: MINI Cooper Convertible, MINI Cooper Clubman, MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper S Countryman.

The 2-minute 3D slow motion video was produced by Amsterdam-based BSUR agency. The film director Robert Jitzmark employed over 120 experts such as 3D technologists and scientists who were in charge of calculating the physics of the jump. Especially for the set, 30, 000 cubic yards of sand were imported to the stadium. The entire shoot from preparation to the actual jump took 6 days, which resulted in the making of a 2-minute video!

Read the rest of the article MINI Vs Monster–a 3d Slow Motion Video Ad to Debut in American 3d Movie Theatres and view the trailer videos.

BSSP: MINI Countryman NYC stunt

MINI Countryman NYC stunt

Butler, Stern, Shine & Partners created another installation to market the new MINI Countryman, this time a moving one.  Alluding to the marketing stunt from 2002 when Crispin Porter + Bogusky mounted MINIs on the tops of large SUVs, the current stunt has the new MINI Countryman as the SUV carrying a classic Mini on the roof.  From the BSSP website:

When MINI first launched in the US they mounted one on top of an SUV to show just how small it was. Well, with the launch of the all-new, four-wheel drive Countryman, MINI isn’t so mini anymore. So we simply couldn’t resist mounting a classic MINI on top of the Countryman, to show just how much we’ve grown. The copy on the side of the Countryman reads: “Holds everything you need for a fun weekend.”

See more photos on the BSSP website.

Below is the original stunt:

CP+B MINI stunt (Chili Red)

CP+B MINI stunt (Indi Blue)

collectible of the day: MINI gas pump signs

We previously featured the WORD OF THE DAY gas pump signs.  Today we have another set.  These philosophical MINI gas pump signs are 19.75″ wide by 11.75″ high and are dated 11/15/05.  Shown are just a few of the variations.

Above left is version #1:

Every once in a while, go inside and pay. Talk to the cashier. Ask him about the craziest thing he has seen at the station. You’re bound to hear a great story. But if he just smiles and says, “Here’s your change,” that’s okay too. It’s just nice to talk to people.

Above right is version #2:

MAKE TODAY CO-PILOT APPRECIATION DAY. Every so often, do something nice for your navigator. Like buy them a salty snack or some fake designer sunglasses. But remember, if you get them a cassette of the best bluegrass hits from the 80’s, don’t come crying to us if they actually play it.

Below is version #5:

Why can’t this be another opportunity to meet people? You never hear stories like, “Yeah, we met at the gas station. We’re both premium octane, no receipt people.” After all, destiny can strike anywhere. Including the filling station.

collectible of the day: WORD OF THE DAY gas pump signs

WORD OF THE DAY gas pump sign #7

WORD OF THE DAY gas pump sign #8

Back in 2005, MINI USA came up with the WORD OF THE DAY campaign.  Each day on the MINI USA website there was a new WORD OF THE DAY for a total of 31 words.  MINI USA also created an application that could be downloaded to display the WORD OF THE DAY on your computer.

The WORD OF THE DAY campaign extended to gas pump signs of which we have four variations shown here.  The double-sided laminated signs were of varying sizes depending on which gas station they were created for.

WORD OF THE DAY gas pump sign #13

WORD OF THE DAY gas pump sign #14

See the full article for the entire WORD OF THE DAY list and download the application.


MINI product placement in music video

MINI is well-known for its product placements in newspapers (Weekly World News), movies (The Italian Job and Marmaduke), and live events. Recently, MINI has moved into music videos.  From the New York Times article “Product Placement Grows in Music Videos”:

Atlantic’s video for “Billionaire,” the hit song by Travie McCoy that features Bruno Mars, includes a paid placement of a Mini Cooper. The two artists ride in the car and then Bruno Mars gives it away to a man looking for a ride. The video has been viewed more than nine million times on YouTube.

But the number of views of any one video remains unpredictable, and that’s one reason Kathy Findling, president of Creative Entertainment Services, a marketing firm that specializes in product placement, said that her company did few music video deals. It’s easier to estimate the number of viewers of a coming television show, she said.

The music video deals often develop because a brand is already associated with an artist — by sponsoring a concert tour, for example. Each deal comes with a degree of risk, though.

Mr. Feldman said it was important to the label and its artists that the video avoided being seen as a commercial for any product (aside from the artists themselves, of course).

In the case of the “Billionaire” video, Mr. Feldman said the Mini Cooper placement worked because a car was needed, and while it was in several shots, the car itself was not the main attraction.

The musicians have the final say over whether a product can be included, he said, and Atlantic has turned down opportunities because the placement would not have appeared to be natural.

Owen Shively, who handles the music deals for UPP Entertainment Marketing, a product placement firm in California, said it was in the brand’s interest to make the placement look as seamless as possible, too.

“There aren’t the same restrictions anymore, but you don’t want to do something blatant or overt,” Mr. Shively said. “You don’t want to do something where the viewer says, ‘That doesn’t make sense.’ ”

“BAD MINI” billboard in Hamburg, Germany

BAD MINI billboardOn the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s famous red-light district, MINI has installed a large billboard.  It features a Chili Red MINI Cooper S and a large whip with the title “BÖSER MINI.” (meaning “BAD MINI.”).  The billboard instructs you to send a text message with the keyword “SM” to 53335 to whip the MINI.

See a video of the BÖSER MINI billboard in action.

collectible of the day: Evel Knievel iron-on

Evel Knievel iron-on ad

LET’S EMBRACE EVEL. Let’s paint our cars red, white and blue. Let’s put a big number one on the door. Let’s try the impossible. Let’s dust off ourselves and try again. Let’s jump the rules. Let’s jump the status quo. Let’s become real life super heroes. Let’s start with an iron-on. LET’S MOTOR!

The Evel Knievel iron-on ad can be found in the following magazines:

AutoWeek. Vol. 53, No. 25. June 23, 2003. (between pages 8 & 9)
FHM. August 2003. (between pages 48 & 49)
Spin. August 2003. (between pages 80 & 81)